Avoid Popcorn At Movies! Change Your Other 6 Bad Habits Too


Yes, eating popcorns while watching movies can actually affect your health! Let us see some easy to go but still unhealthy habits you should quit right now!

1. Stop drinking coffee on an empty stomach

Almost everyone crave for a morning coffee or tea as soon as we wake up. This is a very common habit followed worldwide irrespective of country, religion or different kinds of people. However, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can actually cause major health issues. Scientists have discovered that if you drink coffee as first intake, then it can cause heartburn and digestion problems. 

When you are feeling hungry and thinking about food, your stomach releases gastric acid. The same happens when we drink coffee thus adding up more gastric acid levels in the stomach therefore causing multiple digestion problems.

2. Start avoiding popcorns

Yes, this may sound a little weird but eating popcorn can actually damage your teeth. whenever we are thinking about watching any movie, the thought easily followed by having a popcorn bucket and soda.

However, it is said that while you are eating popcorns, small particles can stuck to your teeth easily. This small particles doesn’t even get out while following healthy oral routines. Try to pick up other option while watching movies irrespective of the fact that it is not easy to do so. 

3. Take out the water bottle from your car

Yet another common habit but still a dangerous one. Keeping your water bottle in the car is what called a good routine which really helps in emergency situations. People usually leave the water bottle intentionally or unintentionally which is pretty normal. However, this small yet common habit can pay you high in return. The water acts as a lens if the sunlight reaches to it and can end up causing a fire in your car. So, try to take up your water bottle with you to avoid this rare yet harmful situation.

4.Don’t keep your feet up on the dashboard

The supercool characters in the movie are often portrayed as keeping their feet up on the dashboard. This act is common with us too but it is not a safer one. In case of any emergency brake situation, it can cost you badly. Your face will immediately collide with your knees which can actually cause fractures that will need a long time to recover. So, better be safe than to regret later as prevention is better than cure. 

5. Avoid wet towels or curtains with foldings

We usually left or hang our wet towel in a hurry while getting ready for work. But, with a surprise note, let me tell you that you are inviting the bacteria to grow with you. Bacteria can easily grow on the moist environment and this is the reason, a wet towel is the perfect place for them. The same goes with the fold curtain in the shower area where molds can easily flourish. 

6. Stop taking photos of everything around you

The internet freak people can easily be found around us. They usually try to capture every moment of their life in the camera. But, according to a study, it is said when people started taking pictures of everything, they failed to get in depth with the real moment. Like, when a group of people who visit a museum is asked several questions related to it, the answers are mixed. The one who is in the actual moment gave the right answer while the one busy with taking pictures failed to know the small details presented there.

7. Never use charging phone under the pillow

Yes, whether you want to use or keep the phone and your battery level is not satisfactory, don’t put the charging phone under the pillow. Many cases of battery blast is registered while charging. However, many smartphone brands have improved the battery models, but still there are many which are at risk. So, stop putting phones and even any other battery product besides your pillow.

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