8 Instant Repairing Shortcuts Of Your Daily Problems


Home repairing seems to be little harder unless you’re a professional contractor. People have to go a lot on everyday life to deal with the repairing jobs. But if you are aware of some of the little tricks, then the work becomes much easier than it is considered. 

We are here to tell you the latest life hacks to make your repair work easier by telling some of the useful hacks.

1.Rubbing a walnut to repair the damaged wooden furniture 

2. Use Silica gel/desiccant packs or rice to absorb water from electronic gadgets

3. Use shoe goo, silicone caulk or any rubber adhesive to fix breakage in micro-USB cable

4. Clean rusty tools with nice vinegar soak

5. Apply Nail polish for any crack on tiles

6. Use gloves or socks to paint hard-to-reach places

7. Use multi-hangers to dry wet tools

8. Put your screws on cardboard to avoid any loss

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